Digital Badges

Badge Nation is a community of organisations formed to encourage, track, share, recognise, reward and motivate learning and ambition. Committed to recognising what individuals achieve and accomplish outside of formal accredited qualifications, digital badges are used to motivate learning and ambition.

Badge Nation is led by a partnership between Real Ideas and Future Creators.

What are Digital Badges?

Digital Badges give young people the perfect tool for recognising and celebrating creativity and the contributions they make to the creative and cultural landscape:

→ They motivate and recognise individuals for participating or volunteering in programmes

→ They are a great way of providing employer references to an emerging freelance workforce

→ They are accessible anywhere, using only a website link

→ They are a useful tool for earners to proudly display on their website, email signature, LinkedIn profile, and CV

→ All badges issued by Badge Nation using the Cities of Learning Badge Standard, endorsed by City and Guilds and the RSA

Participant Awards

Young people who take part in LOOKOUT activities such as artist exchange and mentoring programmes, workshops, industry talks, courses, work experience, events or showcases can be awarded a digital badge to recognise their work and achievement throughout the project. LOOKOUT offer three levels of badges and listed below are the digital badges you can work towards with us:

Engage Layer

→ Insights into the Creative Industries

Participate Layer

→ Artistic Collaboration:  Collaborating with a creative artist or practitioner in LOOKOUT’s mentoring programme

→ Creative Courses:  Taking part in and learning new skills from one of LOOKOUT’s creative courses

→ Explore Creative Industries: Participating in an industry talk led by an artist or creative practitioner working within the creative industries and delivered by LOOKOUT

Demonstrate Layer

→ Creative performance: Earners of this badge have developed and shared a piece of creative work or performance that has been showcased or performed in a LOOKOUT event

→ Creative business work experience: Earners of this badge have demonstrated their skills through successfully completing a Cities of Learning work experience placement

"[I had] the chance to work with industry professionals and explore careers I may not have considered."

- Industry Talk Attendee, 'Millinery' with Fern Berreen-Kent