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We work with a wide range of artists, education organisations, arts organisations and businesses that help us to bring LOOKOUT to life. Building connections in the local and wider communities is at the heart of what we do, enabling opportunities for creativity and conversation for everyone. We work with young people aged 9 – 18 years who are curious and open to new experiences. We are particularly focused on young people who would benefit from some dedicated one to one attention and who might flourish if new creative opportunities are on offer for them. We find the young people we work with through partnerships with schools and colleges. The activity takes place mainly out of school or college hours.

To browse the range of workshops, courses and industry talks we can offer, click here: LOOKOUT Programme 2021

I’ve noticed the children have more confidence, They have made good progress/willingness to take part in class discussions. They have volunteered for more opportunities in school.

Gemma, Headteacher
Benfield Primary